Production of sunflower husk pellets

Dear partners!

Ukraine - is an agricultural country and is rich on the sources of raw materials for the production of sunflower husk pellets. Along with the increasing demand for these pellets in many European countries (Poland, Czech Republic, and recently from Denmark) Ukrainian producers increase the volume of its proposal.

Sunflower husk pellets are an environmentally friendly product as it is produced from the wastes of sunflower seed processing and does not contain additives or fillers. Pellets are pressed in cylindrical granules, the length on average, from 10 to 30 mm - diameter of 6 to 10mm. Caloric value of pellets is sufficiently high, since they have a high density and there is no moisture in its composition, which makes the fuel beneficial to use in domestic boilers. The high temperature of ash melting protects the boiler from the clogging of slags.

To promote this products  for customers who wish to use it for domestic purposes, our company has taken the initiative and brought the idea of ​​packing sunflower husk pellets in 15 kg plastic bags. Packed pellets in a convenient bags protects and prevents the penetration of moisture.

If you order two trucks of packed sunflower husk pellets, You will get a discount of 5%. Do not miss the chance to keep warm!