Terms of delivery

Our company offers to work in several delivery conditions, namely:

1) FCA– Free Carrier

The Supplier will deliver the production, which have passed the custom clearance, designated by the Customer to the named place. If the delivery If delivery occurs at the Supplier's storage, the Seller is responsible for loading. If the delivery occurs elsewhere, the seller is not responsible for the shipment of the production.

2) EXW Ex Works

The seller fulfills his obligations by having the goods available for the buyer to pick up at his premises or another named place (i.e. factory, warehouse, etc.). Buyer bears all risk and costs starting when he picks up the products at the seller’s location until the products are delivered to his location. Seller has no obligation to load the goods or clear them for export.

3) DAP – Delivered at Place

Term DAP(delivery at place) there is a common situation in which it is important to specify exactly destination. Term DAP replaces three terms DAF, DES, DDU, and provides that the production is available to the buyer and is ready for unloading (in our conditions for overloading under customs control, or for customs clearance).

4) DDP – Delivered Duty Paid

Seller bears all risks and costs associated with delivering the goods to the named place of destination ready for unloading and cleared for import.

This term may be used irrespective of the mode transportation of the production.


Also You have the opportunity to pick up the production from our warehouses in Poland and Ukraine by Your own transport. For this You need to make the prepayment to reserve the production and clarify the arrival date of Your truck to the warehouse. The reservation of the production occurs after the the transferred money appears on account. The production is ready to load in 5 working days from the moment of the payment. Saving the paid production in storage for 7 days from the day when it is ready - for free. Each subsequent day - fee (1 € / t per day).